Swapping is a decentralized marketplace for online bookings, places to stay and things to do, offering accommodations, F&B, activities and more, all powered by local hoteliers, hosts or service providers. Swapping does not charge commissions, we use smart contracts for P2P transactions, which will increase profit margins up to 50% for hospitality entrepreneurs or service providers, letting them keep 100% of their rental or service income. The community will profit from better prices & services, token paybacks and in-app features such as planing a trip or activity with friends and sharing their experiences. Swapping is all about connecting people, community and trust around the world.

Over 90% of the online booking sites are controlled by Booking Holdings & Expedia. Such OTA‘s charge 15-50% commissions of the booking price. Add bank, credit card & currency exchange fees to it and you can end up paying over half of your expenses to middleman.

Consumers don‘t have data access such as availabilities, they rely on trust which is often abused by scarcity and urgency tactics to increase sales. Afterwards the personal data of travelers is distributed and stored unencrypted among several agencies susceptible to security leaks.

Smart contracts allow direct bookings without paying commissions to middlemen. A quick booking process with real time availability and data protection will increase profit margins and enable better prices & services.

Swapping Token

Token distribution

Use of proceeds


May 2020

First Draft of the concept

June 2020

Established Team

July 2020

Established Partners

August 2020

Developing White Paper

September 2020

Pre-sale / IEO Preparation & Swapping (SPG) Token Genesis

October 2020

Pre-sale Launch

December 2020

Swapping Prototype

January 2021

Start of DApp Development

May 2021

Swapping DApp Beta Launch

June 2021

Swapping DApp Public Launch


Debit Card & ongoing development


Additional features

Powered by our Team

Carlos-Daniel Steffen
CEO & Founder
Niklaus Mettler
Managing Development Partner Lykke
Ronald Kogens
Legal Advisor
Hans-Peter Steffen
Marlon Maercz
Project & Product Lead
Sergey Nesterov
Engineering Lead & Solution Architect
Stefan Elsner
Booking / Reservation Expert
Yury Glushkov
Blockchain Expert
Alexey Sobinov
Kostadin Damyanov
Vitalii Dasaev
Luis Roldan
Kurt Nachtegael
Administration & Finances
Lucia Longobardo
Business Developer I ES
Marcel van Eyck
Business Developer I Mexico
Thomas Byrlem
Business Developer I Scandinavia
Melani Gellert
Content Creator
Ertan Ergün
Business Developer I Turkey
Nicolas Brandstetter
Business Developer I Germany
Bob Lawson
Business Developer US


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